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Job Description

Bayside Mobile Medical Service specializes in providing mobile medical and research specimen collection processing and delivery for home bound individuals, medical research groups, managed care organizations, medical laboratories, and biotech companies. This work is challenging and full of variety.

We are looking for a highly motivated, experienced mobile phlebotomists and medical lab technicians who are able and willing to work independently and travel extensively in one of our regional service areas in order to perform blood draws, medical specimen collection, specimen processing, and account maintenance.

Job specific training, equipment and supplies are provided.

Successful candidates need to be very customer-oriented and responsible; must have the ability to work well independently with follow through on each task. Must be willing to have a flexible schedule and present oneself in a professional manner. Must have knowledge of basic computer skills and office systems. This is a position that combines direct patient care, sales, customer relationship management, business developement and operations activites.

Successful applicants must have a minimum of 3 years phlebotomy experience and should possess experience that demontrates progressive responsibility. This person must be licensed, certified and insured in their state of residence. Applicants that possess drug screening knowledge and have a second language skill are preferred but is not necessary to apply.

This position is for applicants that want to contract on a part time per diem basis and is ideal for individuals who have a flexible schedule or want additional income. Compensation is paid per draw or hourly and varies from a minimum of $30-$45 per draw or $25 per hour depending on the assignment. A technician traveling extensively and working full-time has the potential to earn $45k - $65k per year. Performance incentives with a bonus for superior performance are awarded annually.

We are a young growing company and opportunity for growth into a management position exists if you are dedicated, motivated, and perform well.

Interested candidates should submit your resume with a cover letter. Well qualified candidates will be contacted for an initial phone interview. An in person interview will be arranged for all candidates who pass the initial screening. This is a professional position and we are looking for individuals who are highly motivated and have superior technical skills.

Specific Requirements:

•In California you must possess a valid California CPT-1 license. In other states you must possess current certification by an accepted certifying agency for Phlebototmy Technicians or a comparable licensure allowing phlebotomy within your scope of care activities in the state where you live.

•Reliable efficient transporation with current liability insurance.

•Professional Liability Insurance (paid by company)

IN ADDITION to having superior phlebotomy skills, candidates with the following experiences are preferred but not required:

•CNA license and/or home care experience.

•LVN, EMT, Paramedic license highly desired.

Specific Responsibilities:

Travel to patients home or office or doctors offices within your service area and provide staffing for local medical research projects.

Perform medical specimen collection including phlebotomy, urine, and stool collection.

Prepare required documentation completely.

Process specimens (eg centrifuge, pipette, and freeze when required).

Transport specimens to local lab and/or PSC for processing.

Package and transport specimens to local shipping site when required.

Peform follow up proceedures on each order to ensure results are reported.

Perform marketing, account management, customer relations, and business development  activities as assigned.

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