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GEOINT Functional Specialist/Advisor

LOCATION: Springfield, VA CATEGORY: Intelligence

Job Description (TS/SCI Clearance Required)

  • (U) The contractor shall work with the College Study Group (CSG) team to capture the stories and tradecraft techniques of GEOINT analysis across NGA and the NSG.
  • (U) The contractor shall perform and publish (via the CSG website) analytic lessons learned studies about key intelligence issues as directed by CSG management.
  • (U) The contractor shall complete research studies and associated reports either independently or as part of a team within specified deadlines. All projects will have a pre-determined output format which the contractor shall be responsible for producing and/or supporting. The output format may include, but is not limited to, a research-style paper, a journal article, a live event (e.g. a panel of experts discussing how they approached a specific issue), on-line events, and/or briefings or presentations to a variety of audiences.
  • (U) The contractor shall use and apply their specific GEOINT tradecraft knowledge, expertise, and contacts to bear while working on topical studies of GEOINT and while seeking new GEOINT topics or stories to propose for future work.
  •  (U) The contractor shall interact with GEOINT Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) across the National System for Geospatial-Intelligence (NSG) and the Allied System for Geospatial-Intelligence (ASG) to seek out new stories or content for CSG publication or study. This can be accomplished through various means such as face-to-face meetings, email correspondence, or phone conversations.
  • (U) The contractor shall support and/or represent the CSG and its equities in community meetings.   

All Functional Specialist/Advisor  contractors shall have the following technical skills:

  • (U) Strong written and oral communication skills as well as interpersonal skills, demonstrated through experience with crafting intelligence reports or academic papers presentations, networking, and organizational representation.
  • (U) Ability to complete assigned and ad hoc duties, including managing multiple priorities, handling complex situations, and planning, prioritizing and completing assignments in a timely manner.
  • (U) Ability to perform complex and in-depth research studies.
  • (U) Ability to examine research findings and think critically about common themes and observations that may stand-out as important from those findings.
  • (U) Ability to work independently and as part of a team and demonstrate initiative and skill to organize projects.
  • (U) Ability to edit or ability to learn to edit easy to update websites, wikis, and blogs such as Intellipedia and A-space.
  • (U) Proficiency with Microsoft Office.
  • (U) Demonstrated understanding of NGA and GEOINT within the Intelligence Community. Having multiple professional contacts and experience within NGA is a plus.

(U) 1x Functional Specialist/Advisor - Level 4 contractor shall have the following technical skills in the Geospatial Analysis discipline:

  • (U) Over 10 years of demonstrated experience with using GIS and cartographic principles to perform geospatial analysis and presenting results for inclusion in standard NGA intelligence analysis products that answer national- and theater-level intelligence problems.
  • (U) Proficiency with ArcGIS and all of its components and Microsoft Office. Experience with other common NGA geospatial analysis tools such as Socet Set and ERDAS products.
  • (U) Demonstrated ability to acquire geospatial information, derivative information and multi-INT data for analysis and visualization.  Includes extracting specific feature data in accordance with the NGA Urban Feature Data Specifications, project specific guidance, and other NGA data and product specifications.
  • (U) Understanding of the extraction of Feature Data using NTM; Mapping, Charting & Geodesy (MC&G) Stereo Imagery; Digital Point Positioning Database (DPPDB) or Orthorectified Mono Equivalent [Precise Terrain and Ortho Product (PTOP); Mr. Sid Orthorectified Geotiffs (MSOG); Precise Orthorectified Image Datasets (POID); and Controlled Image Base® (CIB®)]. 

(U) 1x Functional Specialist/Advisor - Level 4 contractor shall have the following technical skills in the Source Strategies discipline:

  • (U) Over 10 years of demonstrated experience with analyzing the GEOINT collection architecture to solve complex GEOINT collection issues using multiple collection resources, techniques, and strategies that allow for effective GEOINT analysis on complex issues to be performed.
  • (U) Demonstrated experience with the capabilities of all GIMS functionalities to include but not limited to Advanced Search, Dissemination Rules, Strategies, NGDS-Discovery Services, GIN Creation, GIN Modification and Approval, Tasking Dashboard, Geospatial Dashboard, Supplier Management, OOI Target Creation, OOI Query, OOI Modification, OOI Management, AGI Search, Virtual File Folders, and UIM-Approved Product Holdings (Report) Search

(U) 1x Functional Specialist/Advisor - Level 4 contractor shall have the following technical skills in the Human Geography discipline:

  • (U) Over 10 years of demonstrated experience with providing geospatial intelligence analysis of an area’s cultural, political, religious, economic, and physical influences as related to GEOINT analysis and experience with tools and techniques to derive and analyze human geography data such as GIS platforms, computer and web-enabled technology and data formats, and remote sensing.
  • (U) Demonstrated experience with collecting, maintaining, and integrating geospatial data concerning a region of the world
  • (U) Demonstrated experience with researching, evaluating, and geospatially enabling human terrain foundation themes to be used for analysis.

(U) 1x Functional Specialist/Advisor - Level 4 contractor shall have the following technical skills in the Imagery Analysis discipline:

  • (U) Over 10 years of demonstrated experience with providing imagery intelligence analysis at a national level using primarily National Technical Means, producing standard written imagery analysis products (e.g. National Imagery Briefings), constantly coordinating with other counterparts in NGA and the IC, and providing clear and coherent briefings of imagery intelligence analysis findings.
  • (U) Demonstrated experience researching the NES and other appropriate databases for amplifying information and utilizing that information to add value to imagery findings.
  • (U) Demonstrated experience providing national-level intelligence reports and analysis in standard NGA formats such as NES remarks and baselines, National Imagery Briefings, and Intelligence Reports. 
  • (U) Demonstrated experience performing imagery analysis against a variety of target types by utilizing a variety of platforms to locate, identify, characterize, monitor, and assess facilities or issues of strategic and tactical importance

(U) 1x Functional Specialist/Advisor - Level 4 contractor shall have the following technical skills in the Imagery Science discipline:

  • (U) Over 10 years of demonstrated experience with providing advanced geospatial intelligence services utilizing their knowledge of imaging systems, phenomenology, and imagery processing techniques and should specialize in at least one of the following categories – radar, spectral, or infrared – while maintaining an understanding of all that the imagery scientist community is capable.
  • (U) Demonstrated knowledge and experience in at least one of the following imagery science specialties:
    • (U) Radar – Proficiency with imaging radar advanced scientific and quantitative analysis techniques utilizing advanced image and signal processing methods. Expert knowledge of imaging radar physics, phenomenology, and phase history processing.
    • (U) Spectral (multispectral and hyperspectral) – Expert knowledge and skill of spectral imaging, phenomenology, and processing techniques to include atmospheric correction, change detection, target detection, scene categorization, extraction of land use, and vegetation analysis.
    • (U) Infrared – Proficiency with infrared scientific and quantitative analysis techniques utilizing advance image and signals processing methods to include demonstrated knowledge of physics, math, radiometry, and thermal analysis.
  • (U) Have a working knowledge of the appropriate software commonly used by imagery scientists at NGA. Software such as RemoteView and/ or SocetSet.

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